Sunday, 16 May 2021

Fun with Wooden animals in 6C.

A lot of children were out celebrating Eid on Thursday and Friday (and we hope they had a wonderful time), while the children who were in class really enjoyed coming off timetable to make wooden animals. They had to sketch out an animal and adapt it to squared paper using horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines only. They then used this template to see which lengths of wood they needed to cut out. They layered the wood up and glued them together to create their animals.

DT Making Wooden Frames

We are using accurate measuring and cutting skills to get the correct sized pieces of wooden deal. We will construct and secure the frame in place with glued (card)triangles for maximum strength.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Drawing from Perspective. Using water colours.

 Drawing from Perspective.

Using water colours.

Year 6 have been very busy in art since returning in September, they have been able to go into the nursery playground and choose a view to draw, sketching from what they could see.

They then were able to look at building perspective and making the object appear 3d.

Once they were happy with the drawings they then used tracing paper to transfer their drawings to a final peice of paper, from where they could explore the use of water colours.

Using blends of paint in layers rather then blocks of paint, the children were enthusiastic and a lot of amazing art work has been created.