Monday, 15 January 2018

Reasoning across the Curriculum

In year 6 we are starting the new year by having a real push on developing our reasoning skills across the curriculum. This involves clarifying our thoughts with each other and talking through our reasoning - about a character, about an equation, about a scientific concept - before putting our thoughts on paper in clear, well considered sentences.
Over the past week we have sought to explain mistakes and justify the odd one out in Maths; reason about which words best represent a character in English; and make well-reasoned predictions about a snowman's coat in Science.
As you'll see in the examples below, Welford's year 6 students have risen to the challenge with aplomb!
2018 is off to a stunning start!

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  1. BRILLIANT YEAR 6.It's fantastic to see you reasoning across subjects not just in maths...It is a really important skill to be able to explain your thinking and this will be great preparation for SATs!